Heaven Hill Brands: California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Heaven Hill expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards and to engage in ethical business practices. This includes compliance with all labor and workplace safety laws and regulations and those regarding human trafficking and slavery. Heaven Hill does not necessarily require its direct suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into Heaven Hill products comply with slavery and human trafficking laws in the country or countries in which they are doing business, but all employment by Heaven Hill suppliers should be under voluntary conditions and all employees protected under applicable law. Where national and/or local laws do not exist, responsible international standards should be applied.

In addition, all Heaven Hill employees must comply with the Heave Hill's Code of Conduct, which states that Heaven Hill has zero tolerance for slavery, human trafficking, or child labor even if the company does not affirmatively engage in verification of its product supply chain to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery or audit its suppliers to evaluate their compliance with Heaven Hill's standards in those regards. Heaven Hill expects its suppliers will not permit any form of exploitative child labor. In situations where minors may be employed, such employment should be legal and not lead to a child losing his or her educational opportunities. Minors should not be employed in jobs that are by their nature likely to harm their health, safety, or morals.

Although Heaven Hill does not maintain internal accountability standards and procedures for its own employees or contractors failing to meet standards regarding human trafficking and slavery or provide its employees and management with direct responsibility for supply chain management training on human trafficking and slavery particular to mitigating risks within the supply chain, Heaven Hill expects its suppliers to pay fair wages in line with norms for the industry and market and to have working hours that respect applicable legal norms and comply with all regulations. When overtime hours are required, suppliers should keep the number of hours reasonable within a given day or workweek, taking into consideration the impact on employees' health and safety. Heaven Hill suppliers should treat their employees with dignity and respect and take all reasonable actions to prevent discrimination based on sex, race, age, religion, or any other legally protected status.