Can I have products shipped to me?

Unfortunately, we are legally unable to ship directly to consumers. The best method to locate a product would be through your local retailers. Our brand finder tool can help you locate a bottle near you:

There are some eCommerce retailers that do have the capability to ship alcohol either to you or your local retailer. Restrictions do vary by state.

Where can I submit rebates?

Rebate can be submitted online here.

The website will ask for your birthday. Please enter in the exact format: MM/DD/YYYY

You will also be required to upload a picture of the receipt with a unique code provided at the time of submission.

Please allow for up to 6 to 8 weeks for payment delivery.

Are you hiring?

To view all current internship, ambassador, and career opportunities currently available with Heaven Hill Brands, please visit From there, you can submit your resume online by clicking on the job title of interest to you.

Where can I purchase merchandise?

Some of our brands do have online websites. Our visitor centers in Louisville, KY and Bardstown, KY also have gift shops on site. For more information on our visitor centers, click here. Click the links below for our brands’ online stores.

What is the shelf life for your egg nog products?

We recommend that our Evan Williams Egg Nog and Christian Brothers Holiday Nog products be consumed within 12 months if unopened. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 6 months.

Where can I find information about your visitor centers?

Heaven Hill Brands currently has two visitor centers: Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown, KY and The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Louisville, KY.

Children and underage adults are welcome at our facilities, but are not allowed to participate in tastings. We only ask that they are accompanied by a legal guardian of legal drinking age.

For more information about our visitor centers or to make a reservation, click here.

To contact us, email or call us at:

  • Bourbon Heritage Center: 502-337-1000
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Experience: 502-585-3923

How can I find a bottle with a specific bottling/barreling date?

Unfortunately, retailers do not keep track of which bottling dates are sold, making it extremely difficult to potentially locate a bottle with a specific bottling date. Once the bottles leave our facility, they are also nearly impossible to track which exact bottles are being delivered. We are unable to provide information as to which stores received a specific bottling date, but we can provide stores that have most recently received the product.

If you are interested in receiving a list of retailers closest to you that have most recently received this product, fill out our contact form here and include your zip code and the name of the product you are interested in. You can also use our brand finder tool here.

How can I submit a donation request?

For donations, please visit: From here, you may submit more information about the event, organization, and appropriate contact information. We will reach out to the contact provided if this is something we are able to accommodate!